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Chiang Mai Mountain Biking- Coolest Downhill in Thailand ! The Best Tropical Forest Ride !

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking - Chiang Mai Adventure Travel Agent
Chiang Mai Travel Agent offers mountain biking in the best tropical forest area in northern Thailand , ride from summit mountain in national park downhill to valley with scenic views.

MB 01

The Eagles Route


This is a great intro Ride to Off Road Mountain Biking.The descent through Doi Suthep National Park presents us with great views of the Mae Ping Valley below and makes this one of the most scenic ans popular Rides.Lunch at Lake Huay Tung Thao completes this day and may tempt you to take a well deserved dip." On this ride ,Beginners can expect personal instructions in basic mountain biking skills.

1,450 Baht per person

WHEN : Daily 9.30a.m.- 3.30p.m.All year rain or shine !
TRIP : Doi Pui to Huay Tung Thao Lake.
LOCATION : Suthep Mountain at 5,400feet elevation above Chiang Mai.
BIKING TIME : approx. 4hrs./25kms. (off road).
RIDING CONDITION : 90%downhill , rarely used dirt road winding around the mountain through the national park.
FLORA : pine forest, jungle, plantations.
LEVEL : motivated beginner.

MB 02

The Old Smugglers Routes


Traversing and climbing along the remote mountain tops of the National Park , we enjoy these scenic rides , with challenging dowhill sections into the Mae Ping and Sameong Valley.These are hands down the most popular XC mountain bike routes.

1,550 Baht per person

WHEN : Daily 9.30a.m.- 4.30p.m..All year rain or shine.
TRIP : Doi Pui to Mae Sa & Sameong Valley.
LOCATION : Suthep Mountain 5,400feet elevation above Chiang Mai.
BIKING TIME : 4hrs./35kms.(off road).
RIDING TIME : 70%x-country ,30%downhill , rarely used dirt road.
FLORA : pine forest , jungle , plantations.
LEVEL : intermediate xc.riders , strong xc.riders.

MB 03

The Hunter's Escape Routes


Ride the longest, the most extreme and the best researched downhill single tracks in Thailand ans South East Asia.
Remote and forgotten hill tribe trails are the playground.Join us and ride with other advanced mountain bikers and our knowledgeable staff riders.

1,950 Baht per person

WHEN : Daily 9.30a.m.- 3.30p.m. All year rain or shine.
TRIP : Summit Doi Pui to Sameong.
LOCATION : mountain summit at 5,400feet above Chang Mai.
BIKING TIME : approx.3-4 hrs./25kms.single track.
RIDING CONDITIONS : 100%downhill, 80% technical single track.
FLORA : pine forest , jungle , plantations.
LEVEL : 4a,4b,4c,4d,4x..
PERSONAL FITNESS : good/ excellent.

TRANSPORTATION : Our 4x4trucks get you to the top of even the remostest summits.With great elevation advantage, we gear up and venture into the back country on the muntain trails of Northern Thailand.

GUIDES : All trips are led by seasoned guides and instructors.All speak English, are knowledgeable bike mechanics, have extensive mountain biking experience and are at home with the local trail system.Guides are always equipped with tools, spare bike parts, 1st.aid kit and communication to base.These are the best biking buddies you can have when you need one.

BIKE-EQUIPMENT : We provide Merida's Full Suspension and Hard Talls suitable for novices.Trek/GT/Merida Hard Tall Bikes are provided for advanced XC.riders for optimum uphill performance.Mongoose Downhill Bikes for qualified advanced single track DH. riders ( MB.3)are provided All bikes are well-maintained in house by our guides so 100%bike safty is guaranteed !

LUNCH : we provide drinking water on the ride. Lunch is provided and takes place at various restaurants at the trails end.Vegetarian meals are also available.

SAFTY : A safty briefing on mountain biking is held before every ride, this is the time we get to know you better and confirm that you have chosen the right trip for your ability level. We are not in a hurry once we start riding and emphasize safty by riding expedition style with plenty of rest stops at view points.Riders grouped by abilities never have to ' catch up ' and better riders enjoy the freedom of riding more difficult terrain at their own speed.

SAFTY GEARS : we provide such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, gloves,and bike shirts for all rides and chest/back protectors for advanced trails.

WHAT TO WEAR : shoes, shorts, and T-shirt. If you only have sandals, we provide shoes for you.

WHAT TO BRING : your camera, a small plastic bag for your valuables and a Daypack. National Park Entrance Fees ( currently 60Baht) is collected at the morning of the ride, if applicable.