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Chiang Mai Adventure Travel Agent Jungle Flight &Flight of Gibbon

Chiang Mai Adventure Travel Agent
presents zipline adventure at Jungle Flight , Flying Squirrels & The Dragon Flights . Authorized Chiang Mai Travel Agent offers zipline eco-adventure on canopy in the most beautiful rainforest in northern Thailand.
Jungle Flight.

Jungle Flight

Your safty is our first priority !

Welcome to Our Rainforest @ Jungle Flight.
A Perfect Safty Record.
Jungle Flight combines the right equipment, practices and experience to make this the safest and most comfortable experience possible. After all we want you to relax, and be awestruck at the amazing sights, we ' re going to show you inside this 1,500year old rainforest. We utilize the toughest, most robust zip-line gear in the world because the safty of passengers and our sky rangers is paramount. Our state-of-the-art courses and double lines ensure you safty first, then an exciting and unique Treetop Eco Adventure is next. " In this business we don't cut any corners - and this is really apparent in the specification and maintainance of our platforms and equipment. I ' ve never even considered buying less than the best "Ashton Adams ( CEO ).

Jungle Flight !

Unlike any other places on earth, a tropical rainforest is teaming with life, the sights and sounds are wondrous.Untold species of plants and animals await.

THE CANOPY : The canopy is the ' roof ' of the rainforest which is formed by trees which may be 80 to 150 feet tall.In the canopy there is sunlight, wind, rain, and variations in temperature. Flowers and fruit are found here, as are the animals that eat them. Many insects, frogs and birds live here.Some trees - the " emergent layers " - will even grow upwards from the canopy.

THE UNDERSTORY : The understory is the area between the canopy and the forest floor.The air is still, the humidity is high, the temperature is steady and the light is less intense than above.
Birds and butterflies make this their domain, and many animals travel between the forest floor and canopy. THE RAINFOREST FLOOR : The forest floor is where the insects live -and of course the animals that eat them.Most, but not all, plants get their start on the forest floor.It is hot and still, and the light is often dim.In some areas the forest floor is flooded for part of the year, in others it remains dry.The forest floor may be fertile, but is often not. THE PEOPLE : Tropical rainforests are home to tribal people who rely on their surrounding for food, shelter and medicines. Today very few forest people line in traditional ways ; most have been displaced by outside settlers or have been forced to give up their lifestyles by governments.
Many traditional villages still exist in Thailand.



6 - 7 hours
34 platforms
22 ziplines
4 abseils
1 base camp
3 sky-bridges
1 spiral staircase
1 village tour
50 m.canopy walk
570 m.canopy nature tour


2,600 Baht/Person.


4 - 5 hours
22 platforms
15 ziplines
3 abseils
1 base camp
2 sky-bridges
1 spiral staircase
2 ranger stations
15 minutes nature walk
1 village tour


2,200 Baht/Person.



***  6.30 a.m. - 7.00 a.m.  ,   ***7.30 a.m.-8.00 a.m.     
***  8.30 a.m.- 9.00 a.m.   ,   ***12.30 hrs.- 13.00 hrs. 

a round trip transfer from hotel/guesthouse - jungle flight - hotel/ guesthouse by VIP. transportation, welcome drink & snack, safty training, 2 - 3 hours Eco- Adventure, rainforest education, historic village visit, water & snack during adventure, scenic nature trek, lunch or dinner, and free group photos ( via email ).
BRING : camera and sunblock.
WEAR : loose fitting clothes and outdoor shoes.

8.30a.m. Pick up from hotel / guesthouse.
9.30a.m. Arrive at our base camp.
9.40a.m. Welcome drink & snack.
9.50a.m. Equipment check.
10.00a.m. Village Tour.
10.20a.m. Adventure of a lifetime !
11.20a.m. hot spring.
12.30p.m. lunch.
1.00p.m. transfer back to hotel.
2.00p.m. drop at hotel.
Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels

Finally An Adventure For Everyone !
No Empty Promises , Just Pure Simple Fun !

Why Flying Squirrels ?
Flying Squirrels is a truly fun adventure experience that you would have wanted to create ! Engineered and built by a group of fun-loving experts. We have pioneered a one-of-a-kind attraction.With a combination ziplines and our exclusive obstacle course built high in a treetops, we will take you on a journey of invigorating fun and exhilarating excitement.After all, where else can you bike high in the sky or slide down the trunk of massive ancient trees?And did we mention flying high above the canopy? Flying Squirrels is an adventure like no other for all ages.

**** Just beyond the ancient city of Chiang Mai the plateau rises gently to greet rolling hills and an expanse of Evergreen Forests ( technically speaking there are no rainforests in Thailand) that majestically paint the mountains behind a seemingly endless sky. There, more than 1000meters above sea level perched atop a charming hilltop, lies the sleepy village of Pong Krai, home to the Flying Squirrels.

Our Mission : The goal of us at Flying Squirrels is to provide you with an unparalleled, unmatched treetop adventure that focuses on one word FUN ! .While doing so, we wish to break free of the monotony of similar zipline tours to make it an expedition both unique and engaging. Additionally, Flying Squirrels aspire to maintain the highest international safty standards.

Our Commitment : At Flying Squirrels we have a genuine commitment to quality in all aspects of our business. It is our conviction that EVERYONE taking part in our activity will be thrilled by our innovative, state-of-the-art extreme adventure. We guarantee 100% satisfation on your money back !
**** the safty of our guests is of paramount importance to us. We use only superior quality equipment that is regularly and rigorously inspected and maintained.
We meet or exceed the safty standards of the challenge course industry in respect to design, construction and operations. Our experienced flight officers submit to extensive First Aid Training as well as situational responses.

Description : The flight will take approximatelly 2 1/2hours and will involve some easy to moderate physical activity. Two highly trained Flight Officers will guide each flight. You can create your own group ( ideal for corporate team building excercise! ) or simply join a group and get to know friendly people from around the world. Your flight will begine with an informative yet thorough briefing. Then, your flight will take off from " The Launch Pad " .Happy Flying !

What to bring :
*** Sunscreen, bug repellant, closed-toe shoes ( no flip-flops ).
*** Camera with straps.
*** Pants or long shorts, Loose clothing is highly recommended.
*** Your high spirit ! ,most importantly, bring your desire to soar and glide high above the wondrous ancient forest that awaits you at Flying Squirrels !

Restrictions and Requirements : 20kgs. minimum weight / 110cms.minimum height , a body weight of 110kgs. is the maximum.
* Not recommended for people with heart, back, hip or knee problems or pregnant women.



Promotion Rate 2013 :

1,999 Baht/Person.


*** 7.00a.m.-7.30a.m.  *** 10.00a.m.-10.30a.m.  *** 13.00-13.30hrs.

26 Platforms :
14 Ziplines ( 600M.,400M.,300M. and more ) , 1 Abseils , 1 Highlight Bicycle on tree , 1 Sky Walk Burmese Bridge , 2 Walking Bridges , 2 Spider and Cargo Climbing Nets, 1 Skateboard, 1 Hilltribe Swing Bridge, 1 Zodiac Bridge, 1 Slide to the End and 1 Tarzan Jumping.

Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight

Exotic Area The World Has Forgotten.
Seek The Dragon Heart !

Dragons are an ancient symbol of wisdom, power and majesty. They bring good luck, health, wealth and success for a long and properous life.

***What is Dragon Flight ?
Dragon Flight's tree-top obstacle course included abseiling, nature walking and 26 breath-taking zipline flights, all set in incredible Grade A+ Thai rainforestin the mountains of Doi Saket. Dragon Flight is committed to protecting and promoting this special area, providing jobs for local people and support for the temple and community.

*** Most beautiful zipline location !
Dragon Flight is located 1300m. above sea level, in pristine rainforest in the beautiful mountains of Doi Saket. Your adventure begins with a 10-minute nature walk into the heart of the jungle, past giant palms, hanging vines, and hugh twisting tree trunks.

*** Enjoy stunning views of misty peaks across the valley, then find yourself whizzing through tunnels of thick undergrowth and soaring over coffee plantations, rushing water, wild orchids, colourful Persimmon fruit trees and much, much more. By enabling you to experience this amazing unspoilt wilderness. Dragon Flight is helping to preserve and protect the precious nature and way of life here for future generations.

*** World Famous Coffee !
Doi Saket District is the No.1 coffee producing region in South East Asia, No.4 in the world ! you will fly over world class coffee plantations and have the opportunity to pick your own fresh coffee beans.

*** The best air in northern Thailand ! Though we often experience three seasons in a day in our unique location, the temperature remains at a comfortable 22-24 degrees so it is green and fresh all year round.

*** Who can take part ? Customers from 4 to 80 years old ( and up to 120kg.) can enjoy a great day out at Dragon Flight ! It is the perfect place to make memories with friends, family, and loved ones. Student groups can come and learn about the nature in this area and it is fantastic for team-building with co-workers.

*** Safty First ! Our professional and responsible staff are trained to the highest standards and no expense is spared on safty. We use top of the range equipment and strong deep-rooted trees to build a top-quality course that is regularly inspected and maintained.


Dragon # 1

40 platforms, 26ziplines, 3Abseils, 1 Timber Ladder, 2 Spiral Staircases, 1 cable walk, 1 360panoramic skybridge,
20minutes nature walk, lunch/coffee/tea/water, First aid insurance and VIP. van transportation.

2,300 Baht/Person.

Dragon # 2

28platforms, 18ziplines, 2 Abseils, 1 Timber ladder, 2 Spiral staircases, 1 cable walk, 1 360panoramic sky bridge, 20minutes nature walk, lunch/coffee/tea/water, First aid insurance, and VIP. van transportation.

1,800 Baht/Person.



*** 6.30a.m.-7.00a.m.   *** 8.00a.m.-8.30a.m.
*** 9.30a.m.-10.00a.m. *** 12.30hrs.-13.00hrs.