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OVERVIEW : You 'd like to take a course, but you ' ve never tried climbing before. At CMRCA, we have just the course for you ! Our introduction to Rock Climbing Course is designed to be a fun day out on the rock where you will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing and rappelling ( abseiling ).
Climbing is our favorite thing in the world and Chiang Mai is our favorite place to do it. Take a couse with
CMRCA and let us show you why !

ITINERARY : The morning portion of the course will be spent introducing you to the basics of top-rope-climbing.Top- Roping is the easiest, simplest and safest way to climb. During this course, we won't just take you climbing, we will introduce you to the mechanics of the top- rope system, teach you how to belay and help you develope the fundamentals you need to be a responsible and knowledgeable climber. You will get lots of time climbing, and our instructors will coach you on technique and help you have a successful and fun day on the rock !!!
In the afternoon, you will get a chance to learn the basics of rappelling ( abseiling ). Applying your new skills of top-roping and belaying. You will help building a rappel and then step out over the edge and lower yourself to the ground.Finish the day with an exhilarating rappel into the mouth of a massive cave.
Rappelling is a distinct activity from climbing, and this course will ensure that you are introduced to rappelling in a safe way so that you can learn the best practices and good habits that will keep you safe on future rappels. Plus + rappelling is a lot of fun, and there is no better place to rappel than in beautiful northern Thailand.


2,700 Baht per person.

INCLUDED : instruction, transportation, equipment, snacks, fruit, water and insurance.
DO BRING : Sport shoes and comfortable clothing that you can move in.




OVERVIEW : You already know the basics of tying, belaying and movement, but you need more instruction before you are ready to climb by yourself outdoors or take the next step and start leading !

ITINERARY : in this course, you will gain technical top-rope skills, which will teach you to be a self-sufficient top-rope climber. Test yourself physically by venturing onto more difficult routes that will help you to learn more advanced movement and climbing skills.When you are recovering between climbs, you will learn more about top-rope anchors, bolt integrity and redundancy. By the end of the day, you will be belaying and following a lead climber, threading anchors and cleaning routes.
Our goal for this course is to bring you to the point where you would feel comfortable top-roping by yourself and following a lead climber at the crag. This means a lot of practices tying knots and examning anchors, and a good bit of instruction on top-rope theory, SRENE anchors, and an introduction to lead belaying.
If you are looking to gai the skills to climb outdoors without a guide, there is no better single-day preparation than this course.


2,900 Baht per person.

INCLUDED : instruction, transportation, equipment, lunch, snacks, fruit, water and insurance.




OVERVIEW : This is it ' the big show ' ! Lead Climbing is to top-roping as college to high school. When you become a lead climber, you get to experience more diverse things, gain a lot of freedom, and have a lot more fun than you did back in those top-roping days when you have to wait for another climber to take you everywhere. Of course, such freedom carries a lot of responsibility, and there is nobody better to give you the skills to lead safely and responsibly than CMRCA.

ITINERARY : in the mornng of this class, you will be introduced to the basics of sport lead climbing, and taught how to belay a leader. You will do a " mock lead " so you can practice proper clipping technique and quick draw use safely while your partner practices belaying you. Soon, the training wheels come off, and you will do a couple of true lead climbs on easy routes that you focus on leading and building your confidence.
After lunch, the focus will be on easing you into more realistic leading situations.You will be coached on how to safely take and catch a fall, and will take a few small falls so that you learn to trust the system and feel safe when the rope is below you.As you slowly transition to harder gardes, you will be introduced to energy-saving techniques, and between climbs you will learn about bolt integrity, the phisics of falling and more.

PLEASE NOTE : in order to safely teach a lead- climbing course, CMRCA feels that it is essential that all students have had a fair amount of top-roping or following experience. Before you are allowed to take this course, you will be asked to demonstrate how to thread a top-rope anchor ( i.e. how to clean an anchor that a leader has built without putting yourself in danger ). This course is a thorough but fast-paced introduction to lead climbing, and if you lack crucial top-roping skills, you have the potential to create an unsafe environment for yourself, your peers and your instructors. If you are not certain that you are ready to take this course, please conduct our staff for advice and please consider taking the Technical Top Rope Skills Course before or in lieu of this course.


3,200 Baht per person.

INCLUDED : instruction, transportation, equipment, lunch, snacks, fruit, water and insurance.




OVERVIEW : Scrambling around inside of caves is a lot of fun too, but what you do when you come to a hole in the ground ! A Big Hole ! This course will help you finding the answers to that question. Develope the skills to access an opening, build an anchor and descend into a cave safely ( and get back out ). In this course, you will be taught " Single Rope Techniques ( SRT. ) in the Anxiety State Crisis Cave at " Crazy Horse Buttress ", a beautiful and massive cavern that lies in the heart of the mountain.

ITINERARY : this caving course is a true introduction, and will give you a survey of the basics of caving.In addition to the technical rope aspects, our instuctors will introduce you to the local geology and explain the formation of the fantastic flow stones, stalactites and stalagmites that will surround you all day.The goal of this course is for rigorous, comprehensive, technical instruction to combine with a beautiful backdrop to teach SRT. in a safe, awe-inspiring and fun way. Your day will begin with basic rigging techniques as you prepare your equipment and rig the ropes for your 40 meters descent into the earth. Once inside the cave, explore massive caverns, crawl through tight squeezes and make your way deep into the hillside that many never see. Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch of sticky rice, northern Thail sausages in the company of bats by the light of your headlamp. Finish your day by ascending the rope back to the surface using SRT.


3,900 Baht per person.

INCLUDED : instruction, transportation, equopment, lunch, snacks, fruit, water and insurance.